We take reservations up to 1 month from current day.


Book Chef’s counter via OpenTable (party of 1 to 4 people)

*Large party of 5 or 6 will be assigned automatically in Private Dining Room.

Please kindly call us if you prefer in Chef’s counter seat.

RESERVATIONS BY PHONE : +1)212-924-0017

Wed. to Sun.:10:30AM to 11:00PM (ET)


Do you know why OHASHI-chopsticks are placed horizontally on the table? OHASHI’s role is to draw a line between the world of sacred nature and the human. People consume sacred food after praying the words of gratitude “ITADAKIMASU”, followed by picking up the OHASHI to unlock the barrier. This is a Japanese way of expressing the spirit of natural worship, respect and humility.

Food and chopsticks